Pawmade (Paw Wax)

Who doesn't want to pamper their best friend and make sure their feet are protected for those long walks?  Or walks on cold surfaces, or even super rough surfaces?  Here's the answer!  And in a convenient tube so that your hands stay clean when applying!  Safe for them to lick, but what dog has time to lick it's feet while on an adventure?


Dry Shampoo

Perfect for those times when you don't want to do the entire bath thing but want to get rid of that doggy BO.  Also amazing for dogs that are afraid of baths.

(It works great for humans, too.)

Dog Calming Spray

Does your pup like to eat the sofa?  Do they get anxious when company comes?  Do they generally just need to calm the heck down?  Well this stuff can help!  Many of you know that I foster dogs so I've had ample test subjects.  This has been an absolute lifesaver.

You spray it on bedding, clothing or in the general area, never directly on the dog.