Bath Salts

Warming/Antiviral Bath Salts  $12

This soothing mixture of ginger, cinnamon, cardamon, rose petals and salt is not only comforting, but a powerful way to battle a virus while increasing the blood flow throughout your body.

So if you're got that 'chilled-to-the-bone' feeling after being out in the cold for too long, or if your skin is crawling from a virus, fill a warm tub and add this magical mixture and enjoy one of the most relaxing baths ever.

Eucalyptus Bath Salts $9

Add a couple of tablespoons to a bath to help with congestion or just an invigorating bath.


Sodium Borate, Sea Salt, Cosmetic Clay, Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Lavender Bath Salts $9

Add a couple of tablespoons to a warm bath and feel your worries melt away.  This soothing bath salt helps you relax and is great when you're stressed or having a hard time falling asleep.


Sodium Borate, Sea Salt, Cosmetic Clay, Lavender Essential Oil

Detox Bath Salts $11

Add apple cider vinegar to this bath and you'll be amazed how relaxed you are after a bath.  This mixture pulls out the toxins and I only suggest taking this bath directly before bed.  Most people are so relaxed that they have a hard time staying awake afterwards.  I would suggest a glass of water after this bath as well.


Magnesium Sulfate and Cosmetic Clay

Post Partum Sitz Bath $12

This mixture of herbs will help with the healing process after birth, and will help relieve pain.  Comes with a re-usable tea bag to be rinsed after each use.  Approximately 6 baths included in each bag.